Online Divorce Mediation Pros and Cons
Written by Michelle N. Ogborne

Online Divorce Mediation Pros and Cons

Online Divorce Mediation Pros and Cons

Online divorce mediation is a new way to negotiate and compromise a marital settlement agreement in a divorce case. Online divorce mediation will allow you to meet with your spouse and a divorce mediator from anywhere in the world. In online divorce mediation, you and your spouse, and lawyers for each of you if want representation, hire a neutral third party known as an online divorce mediator.

The divorce mediator meets with you in a virtual environment, via video conferencing platforms, and helps you resolve issues in your divorce. The online mediator’s role is not to make decisions but to help create a conversation around a fair settlement so spouses can work out a resolution together.

Wondering if online mediation is right for your divorce? Read more about the pros and cons of online divorce mediation below.

Online Divorce Mediation Pros

The pros of online divorce mediation include:

Pro 1: Never go to court

Collaborative divorce happens out-of-court in a private setting. It results in a cooperatively crafted agreement between the parties about the terms on which they will end their marriage.

Pro 2: Professional help reaching agreements

An online divorce mediator is a neutral third-party that facilitates discussions between couples who are getting divorced. If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement on your own, you may benefit from divorce mediation services.

Pro 3: Can be used to address a wide range of topics

The purpose of divorce mediation is to help both of you identify and resolve divorce issues. Online Divorce mediation services can be used to address a wide range of topics including but not limited to parenting plans, child support, custody arrangements, and division of assets.

Other pros of online divorce mediation include:

  • Simple online process
  • Online video conferencing
  • Mediate on your schedule
  • Divorce mediation from home
  • You both have more authority over the process and outcome
  • Mediation costs less than litigated/traditional divorce in court
  • Don’t need an attorney to represent you
  • Promotes better communication or a collaborative decision-making process
  • Lessens post-divorce litigation
  • Process is Voluntary and informal
  • No fighting in court
  • More private
  • Shared costs between spouses
  • Spouses determine the timeframe and issues to address
  • You can litigate your divorce if mediation fails
  • Faster than a litigated divorce
  • Reduces stress compared to a litigated divorce
  • Lessen the negative effects of divorce on children

Online Divorce Mediation Cons

The cons of online divorce mediation include:

  • An online mediator is not allowed to give you legal advice
  • If you don’t have a lawyer representing you, no one is looking out for your best interests
  • You don’t have legal counsel to review the agreement before signing
  • Not appropriate for cases involving drug abuse or domestic violence
  • You could still end up in court if online mediation is unsuccessful
  • No formal rules and there is not a discovery process
  • The process of online mediation can fail if both parties cannot compromise or cooperate
  • You could agree to an unfair settlement

Lawyers in Online Divorce Mediation

Many couples are choosing online mediation for the fact that individual spouses are not required to hire a lawyer in order to participate. According to BestLegalChoices, “If the other spouse is represented and you are not, you may feel that the process is “less fair” even though the mediator’s job is to provide neutral assistance. If you are afraid that you will get tongue-tied or feel less empowered by attending mediation alone, having a lawyer may help you to feel more confident.”

Online Divorce Mediation vs Collaborative Divorce

If you feel like online divorce mediation isn’t the right option for your family but you still want to keep your divorce out of court, collaborative divorce is another peaceful divorce option. You and your spouse will each have your own collaborative attorney looking out for your best interests while also helping to promote an agreement and outcome that benefits the entire family.

Speak with Our Online Divorce Mediators in Today!

While the online divorce mediation process is not for everyone, this simpler process can save you stress, money, and hassle compared to divorce litigation in court. Speak with an online mediator to learn more and find out if virtual divorce mediation makes sense for you and your family.

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