a blue ribbon award for first place. image is being used to illustrate how parents can treat parenting as a contest between them and their ex spouse as an effort to win their kids affecting during a divorce and why its important to work with ogborne law, phoenix divorce attorney, to create customized parenting plans that keep the whole family on track and winning.

Co-parenting Is Not A Contest

21 Mar 2016
Divorce isn’t easy on a family whether you’re the spouse filing or receiving the summons or the children caught in the middle. And let’s face it; even in the friendliest of divorces, there’s negative impact on th...
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father talking to his son about serious topics. this image is being used to convey how important it is to talk to your kids about their feelings during divorce and why ogborne law, phoenix divorce firm, works with professional counselors to help parents communicate with the kids about divorce.

How Kids Handle Divorce

14 Mar 2016
What happens if you’re doing everything right to talk to your kids about divorce and they’re still acting up? Remember you’re the adult. They’re testing their boundaries with you and still need your love and sup...
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