When you work with Ogborne Law on a collaborative divorce, you’re working with an experienced team of professionals across a variety of disciplines whose sole focus is to protect your kids from the pain that is associated with this process.

If we’re honest, this isn’t easy for anyone – especially your kids.


During the first step of our process, a member our team will conduct a comprehensive consultation with you to understand your family’s unique circumstances. This consultation doesn’t just focus on assets or property ownership.

We take the time to understand all of the factors that will play into the process of managing your divorce:

  • Your current relationship with your spouse, children, and extended family.
  • Your desired future relationship with your spouse, children, and extended family.
  • Your concerns about the impact divorce will have on your personal life or your communities (neighborhood, career, faith, etc.)
  • Your financial circumstances – property ownership and general asset distribution
  • Your current estate planning

At the end of this initial consultation, we’ll have a solid understanding of your goals, your concerns, and the best way for us to help you move forward.


After we finish the comprehensive consultation, we get our team into place to begin working with you and your family. The team will cover four distinct areas, financial, emotional, legal, and mediation.


You and your family will work with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst ® (CDFA) whose responsibility is to work closely with you to critically assess your total financial situation and provide advice on the best way to manage the separation of assets during the divorce process.

The CDFA® will evaluate your total asset picture from real estate, qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, non-traditional assets (like collectibles), and securities portfolios.

And more than just helping with the understanding of marital assets, the CDFA® will help you both understand the financial impact of life after divorce. They’ll be in a position to help with budgeting discussions and long-term planning, especially for the children.


It’s easy to underestimate the emotional impact of a divorce on all parties, even the person looking to end the marriage. That’s why we work closely with a certified hypnotherapist whose role it is to work with each member of your family to help them find ways to work through the emotional consequences of the divorce.

The truth is that kids are often the hardest hit during a divorce. Even if they’re old enough to intellectually understand what’s happening, it can be a traumatic experience that involves the end of one life and the beginning of a new life – a scary and different life. Your hypnotherapist is there to help them with the difficult new feelings they have and to help you understand what it is your kids are experiencing so you and your spouse can be there to support them.


Completing a successful collaborative divorce requires attorneys that understand the process and that are committed to the end goal of creating a mutually acceptable outcome for both parties. When you work with Ogborne Law, we bring to the table two attorneys to be a part of the process – one that represents you and one that represents your spouse.

The purpose of this is to ensure that each of you has an attorney that is focused on their client’s individual interests while still committed to creating a collaborative divorce. Based on the package you select during your initial consultation with Ogborne Law, we also include mediation services. In addition to providing the experienced attorneys, we also handle the documentation of the final agreement and all associated final document preparation.


The final piece of the puzzle is the mediator, the person on the team who is responsible for helping all the people involved to make progress towards the final divorce agreement.

The mediator helps by focusing on the common ground between you and your spouse, making sure that even when things get bogged down by difficult topics or emotionally charged situations, that you’re still able to make it through.

Sometimes this is a gentle nudge; other times it’s a (very) firm reminder. Your mediator is always committed to helping both of you get to your win-win-win outcome so that you, your spouse, and your kids get what they need.


If you’re considering divorce and you want to spare yourself, your spouse, and your kids the pain of the long-term consequences, let us help. Let’s discuss how our approach to collaborative divorce can protect you and your kids from the pain of divorce.

Contact Ogborne Law today and let us show you how we can help protect your kids and your family.

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