Protecting Your Kids from the Pain of Divorce

Divorce is hard on you and your spouse but it's even harder on your kids. Let us help you and your family transition from this chapter to the next with collaborative divorce.

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Divorce Process Through Your Kids Eyes

Divorce is an extremely painful experience for children. When done through the collaborative divorce process, families can help children understand what’s happening and let them express their feelings. See divorce through kid’s eyes.
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Building Intimacy in Relationships

Intimacy isn’t just about sex or physical touch. It’s about creating a connection between you and your partner can connect meaningfully. Creating and sustaining intimacy in your relationship is the single most powerful way to protect it. Learn about intentional intimacy.
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Guardianship Issues in Estate Planning

Guardianship is an important part of your estate plan. And our complex lives can make this decision making process a complicated one. With many tangled relationships, it may not always be clear who to choose. Learn more.
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5 Tips to Fighting the Right Way

Disagreements. Arguments. Fights. Whatever you want to call them, they happen in relationships. But is there a way to keep them from blowing up your marriage? Yes! We review five simple steps that will help you and your partner “fight right”.
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