Protecting Your Kids from the Pain of Divorce

Divorce is hard on you and your spouse but it's even harder on your kids. Let us help you and your family transition from this chapter to the next with collaborative divorce.

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Setting Proper Expectations in Marriage

Conversations while discussing a prenup can help set proper expectations for your relationship. Learn what can and cannot be included in this document that will help you set expectations in marriage.
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Estate Planning Basics – Where to Start

You don’t have to be financially wealthy to responsibly manage what happens to your property and minor children after your death. Put the estate planning basics in place before it’s needed to avoid causing additional grief to the ones who love you!
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How to Support An Employee Going Through a Divorce

When your company has an employee going through a divorce, it can impact not only your employee’s work but co-workers’ as well. We gathered some of the signs that indicate you may have an employee going through a divorce and share some ways to support them in this difficult situation.
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