Because if you start, own, or operate a business you will find one.

  • You need to decide which type of legal entity to create.
  • You need to determine how best to document the money you invest in your business. And if you have a partnership, how to document it.
  • You need to choose how best to operate and perhaps even sell your business in the future.


At every stage in your business life-cycle, you will face these legal decisions.

At Ogborne Law we know how to help with these little details. We can help you protect your personal wealth and legally start or operate your business. We know how to help you with every step of the process.


It’s exciting starting a business. However, small mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars, or worse, the loss of your business. At Ogborne Law we know how to walk you through the start-up process. Whether it’s selecting the right company type or creating partnership agreements. We will make sure you are setup for success the day you open your doors.

We often speak with clients who did their own paperwork and found out later they missed something important. Perhaps it’s leaving their personal wealth open to creditors. Or maybe they forgot to properly register their company. Either way, you need to protect yourself when starting or operating your business.


We offer flat-fee packages to help you start your business.


  • Legal advice regarding the right way to start your new business.
  • Customized legal documents for your specific situation.
  • Obtaining a federal EIN for your new company. This allows you to pay employees, file taxes, accept payments, and establish new bank accounts.
  • Advice on operating your new company to make sure you stay protected.

Contact Ogborne Law today! We can make sure you have the right document to protect your business.


You need a legal agreement between your company and your customers. A contract protects you and your business by detailing the rules of the relationship. A business contract can outline what you deliver to your customer. It can also detail the way the customer must pay you and the timeframe in which to do so.

Ogborne Law can help make sure you have the right documents in place. And if you already have a contract in your business, we would be more than happy to review it for you.

Ogborne Law provides a free 15-minute review to make sure your documents align with your business goals. After the review, we can revise your business contract to further protect you. Contact Ogborne Law today to find out how to protect your business.


During the business setup process, we review ways to protect you and your business.

And if you’ve been in business for a while, we’d love to share some of these ideas with you. It’s important to make sure you protect your personal wealth in case something goes wrong in your business.

We review your business to look for any holes that may exist. It’s these holes that could mean you having your personal property pulled into a lawsuit or business dispute. Contact Ogborne Law today for a complete review of your business documents.

Sleep better at night knowing you don’t have to worry about your business.


Business is a relationship. A relationship between you and your customers. Between your customers and your employees. Between you and your employees. There are legal requirements in all of these situations. And, someday, a disagreement will happen.

Emotions and money will be at stake, and the stress will overwhelm. Ogborne Law offers mediation services to help you through these disputes. We work to keep the conversation productive and limit the emotions brought to the conversation. We help you resolve your business disputes with

  • Less Frustration
  • Less Time Away From The Business
  • A Lower Cost Than Other Legal Methods

Ogborne Law can help you move past these situations quickly.


In Arizona, you must have a statutory agent on file. These requirements exist in case you receive a summons or are party to a lawsuit. The role of the statutory agent is to receive these documents. So, if you receive one of these notices, the statutory agent will receive it on your behalf. Receiving these notices, can frankly… be scary. And if you’re like many business owners, you’re busy with your business and could miss responding in time.

Make sure you don’t miss responding because you are busy building your business. Once the time to respond has passed, it’s gone. And there may be nothing you can do to protect yourself. This is why Ogborne Law offers statutory agent services for our clients. We make sure we respond to all requests promptly. Then, we contact you to discuss the situation and provide an overview of the next steps.


At Ogborne Law, we know how complicated it is to run your business. We want to make sure we protect both you and your business when things get difficult. When you’re ready to get started, contact us to discuss how we can help you protect your business from the unknown.

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