How To Prepare for Divorce
Written by Michelle N. Ogborne

How To Prepare for Divorce | Checklist

When you have come to the conclusion that divorce is right for you, it’s critical that you take action to safeguard yourself and your family. Being organized, retaining records, and preparing to talk about your life with your attorney will typically help.

Follow the steps outlined in this post to help streamline the impending proceedings after choosing to file for divorce.

1. Save money.

Getting married can be a costly undertaking. Getting a divorce is even more costly. That’s why it’s so vital to save once you know you’re getting a divorce.

The court deems any money you earned while married to be marital property and is subject to equal division between each of you. Regardless, you could open an individual bank account and have your pay deposited there to guarantee your spouse does not spend that money haphazardly prior to the asset division procedure.

You should also reduce needless expenses to increase your savings for divorce proceedings. This also can help you control your future finances. Don’t forget, you’re going to be living on a single income following the divorce.

2. Document everything.

All divorces are required go through a financial disclosure, even uncontested ones. The court does this to guarantee finances are split equally and to make ascertainments about spousal maintenance and child support.

Since you know you are required to provide this to your attorney throughout your divorce proceeding, start planning firsthand by keeping track of the family finances. This will include both your income and spending and those of your spouse. Retain your credit card statements, financial institution statements, tax returns, spending receipts, and other bill types.

3. Prepare for custody decisions.

When there are children of the marriage, it’s vital to not only brace them for lifestyle changes but to brace yourself for custody resolutions. Not all divorces necessitate a bitter conflict over children, nevertheless, it’s easier to be prepared than taken by surprise.

Keep a chronical of time spent with the children and who picks them up and takes them to school, to additional activities, and to social happenings. This isn’t a competition to establish who the better parent is. By maintaining a record, however, you have documentation to present to your attorney and the court that might aid them in making a custody resolution.

4. Hire an attorney.

Unless you both agree on entirely everything and you have a genuinely uncontested divorce, don’t try to represent yourself during your divorce. Since this is a complicated and time-intensive legal process, you will require someone that you can trust to help you safeguard your rights.

Convening with several divorce attorneys around your area can give you a notion of who you are most comfortable with. This is an individual process, and your attorney will be required to know everything about you, so you need to feel comfortable speaking frankly and honestly with them.

Nobody gets married looking for it to end in divorce. Today, nevertheless, half of every marriage does. So, as you realize divorce is impending, utilizing these steps may help you get ready and make sure your rights are safeguarded throughout this legal process.


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