You want a quick divorce, now what?
Written by Michelle N. Ogborne

You want a quick divorce, now what?

Our world moves fast and all of us are in a hurry, but mistakes often follow haste. There’s an old saying; if you don’t take time to do it right, you’ll be forced to make time to fix it. If you want a quick divorce, take the time to make it right, so legal and financial issues don’t surface years ahead.

A Quick Divorce Can Be the Best Choice

Sometimes a couple realizes they shouldn’t live together and want a quick divorce. No one wants to drag things out once the difficult decision to divorce has been made. You want to begin the process, complete it, and move on with your new, single lifestyle. Not all divorces have to be emotional train wrecks.

You can avoid higher legal costs, courtroom drama, and huge paper trails with a collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is one of the fastest processes because you both work together to make decisions. You set the pace. Most importantly, collaborative divorce ensures you and your family are protected for the future.

What You Need for a Collaborative Divorce in Arizona

Once you have made the decision to work together toward your common goal – a quick divorce – you’ll need to address important issues. You’ll strive to be in agreement; there will be some give and take, but if you can respectfully work together, your divorce can be completed in only a few months.

In Arizona, you must wait 60 days from the time of filing/serving divorce papers to finalize the divorce.

If you did not have a prenup or a separation agreement, you must begin making decisions about:

  • Parenting time and financial support
  • Debt division
  • Education and/or religious commitments for children
  • Health and medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Property division
  • Spousal support
  • Parenting time and decision making for the kids

In addition to the waiting period, basic paperwork to help you through a collaborative divorce will be:

  • Parenting plan – Your proposal for parenting time and responsibilities for children
  • Worksheets – These need to be completed and include your income statement, child support, and spousal support (if any). However, you may structure other support agreements during the collaborative process.

The collaborative process for your divorce may be the best way to get a quick divorce because you set the pace and work through it together.

Collaborative Divorce is Quick and Private

Divorce privacy may be important to you, but it might be even more important to your kids. By working together with your spouse, you control how involved the kids will be. They should be able to tell their friends about their family’s divorce when they want to.

Your collaborative divorce is completely private. Collaborative divorce doesn’t guarantee a lack of stress, but the idea of going to court is nerve-wracking for many. You can avoid uncomfortable court appearances.

A Quick Divorce Can Also Be Legal and Protective

In Arizona, it’s very important that you meet the legal requirements for a quick divorce. Contact a collaborative divorce attorney to protect you in divorce today while working to protect your future. If you and your ex have a family together, collaborative divorce is the family-first choice. The team at Ogborne Law, PLC can help you structure a quick divorce today that also consider your future well-being for tomorrow.