Why People Over 50 Prefer Collaborative Divorce
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Why People Over 50 Prefer Collaborative Divorce

Gray divorce rates (couples getting divorced following age 50) have doubled over the past twenty-five years. Statistics show that one out of every four people getting divorced is aged 50 years or older. But what is the reasoning the divorce rates are so high for married people over the age of 50?

Below you are going to find some of the more common reasons for gray divorce in addition to some of the divorce options available.

1. Financial Matters

Couples that continually quarrel over money or wrestle with debt sometimes end up getting divorced. Divorce may also be the reason because of a spouse’s poor management of funds or overspending habits. In a lot of cases, some individuals put off getting divorced until they feel financially able enough that they can.

2. Grown Apart from Each Other

When you ask a divorced couple the reason they got a divorce, you are going to often hear answers such as “we’ve just grown apart from each other” or “it’s just not working out.” Couples usually come to the realization they lost the spark they once had as they first got married and they are not willing or able to put forth the effort to get back that spark.

3. Children are Gone

Many couples are unhappy in their marriage but stay in it for their children. After the children are grown up and move out of the home, they come to the realization the children were the only thing keeping them married.

4. Intimacy is Gone

As people get older, their desire for intimacy often times fades away. When one spouse is content with a sexless marriage and the other one is not, this incompatibility could lead to divorce. If one partner keeps making excuses, not attempting, or declining to compromise, not having an affectionate relationship with your spouse could lead to divorce.

5. Better Health

Life expectancies have increased over time, and individuals over age 50 know they have time to seek a happy marriage. Older individuals aren’t scared about the notion of divorce anymore as the blemish around it is fading.

6. Too Predictable

Even though some individuals are comforted by their daily routines, other individuals could simply become bored if their marriage gets too predictable. Many couples do the exact same thing year in/ year out and devoid of spontaneously doing anything. Even though this might not be an issue with both spouses preferring the time tested, boredom might turn into a problem in relationships that lack spontaneity.

7. Cheating

It’s not unusual for a marital relationship to be strained when a spouse has cheated. Even online relationships, in which could get to the degree of “emotional relationships,” have been known to cause marital problems.


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