New Years Resolutions for Divorcees
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New Years Resolutions for Divorcees

During this time of year, each year, we begin to think of what we can resolve to do a better job at. From a divorce attorney’s points of view, the following is what some believe are important things to think about for possible New Year’s Resolutions.

Five New Year’s Resolutions from a Divorce Attorney

1. Do everything possible to aid others in avoiding divorce.

Divorce is more costly and more damaging than anyone can ever know. Too many children, friends, and family members are affected from divorces.

2. Be sure to be wary of the impact of your words.

Your words may help make an individual’s day awesome, or horrible. This applies to not only the impact of your words on your spouse or child(ren) but may also the impact of your words on a third individual – who might, in turn, impact their spouse, child(ren) or someone else. Good things move forward just as bad things.

3. Be yourself – don’t be someone you’re not to please somebody else.

A lot of the problems attorney’s see in their practices stem from a person trying to change for their partner – believing that they aren’t good enough, or their sense of humor is sub-par, or attractive enough, or intelligent enough. Be assured that if both of you are meant for each other, you will be good enough, funny enough and intelligent enough from the start! You don’t need to change. Individuals that attempt to change end up going after an un-realizable goal – sometimes just being miserable and other times waking up later than they should – coming to the realization that they have squandered an extended period of their life disliking themselves.

4. Be honest with yourself.

Know your limits. Have acquirable goals. Only bring children into the world if you can truly care and provide for them.

Following years of being asked what the primary cause of break-ups and divorces is, it appears that the answer could be straightforward in a lot of cases.  Remember that in the case of a marriage spouses promise to love and honor their spouse for better or worse, in sickness and in health.  In law practices, attorneys witness family after family which has long been broken or which is currently being broken.

The one thing that appears to stand out for the cause of these misfortunes is “selfishness.”  People ask more often than not about “causes” of divorce, and attorneys believe they want some miraculous uncontrollable cause to be out there: things like “ bad economy” or “drugs” (both that can decimate families). But the one thing attorneys seem to see most often is selfishness – the unknowingly or even knowingly inability to put their marriage or their child(ren) or their spouse above their own wants and needs; the inability or reluctance to love and honor their spouse for better or worse; the hesitation or reluctance to uphold the commitment they made on their wedding day.

A final New Year’s Resolution from divorce attorneys is:

5. Uphold your promises – and help others to uphold theirs.

Best wishes going into the New Year.


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