Divorce Mediation Cost 2021
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Divorce Mediation Cost 2021

Discover how much divorce mediation will generally cost and what factors can increase or reduce the cost of your divorce.

Private Divorce Mediation Cost

Private mediation costs varied from $3,000 – $8,000.

Many factors impact how much you are going to pay private mediators or a mediation firm, but the total fee is usually around $3,000 – $8,000 (typically split with your spouse).

Divorce is just about every time an unpleasant experience. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a prolonged legal battle that results in increased emotional and financial strain. A lot of spouses have discovered that divorce mediation can assist them in deciding how they’ll manage the practical matters in their divorce— including splitting of property and debts, child custody and/or visitation, child support, and spousal maintenance—in ways that decrease conflict and encourages cooperation. It can also assist them in saving on the cost of their divorce.

How Mediation Impacts the Cost of Divorce

When couples experience successful mediation—it means that mediation results in a settlement agreement on all of the matters in a divorce—they can avoid the significant cost of a conventional, oppositional divorce proceeding. Additionally, as research indicates, individuals that mediate a divorce settlement are not as likely to head back to court following the divorce to petition alterations such as a custody modification—which will add even more to the cost.

So, how much does mediation itself cost? There’s not one straightforward answer to that question. As with the total cost of a divorce, the expense of divorce mediation is going to depend on multiple factors, explained below. Nevertheless, the biggest difference in cost is subject to which of the 3 basic types of mediation are used:

  • private mediation
  • court-backed mediation, or
  • communal mediation.

A private mediator is going to cost more than court-backed or communal mediation. However, private mediation is more likely to result in an extensive settlement of all matters in your divorce, so it might be less costly down the road.

Cost of Private Divorce Mediation

Through private divorce mediation, you both are going to choose and pay an unbiased, experienced mediator. Or you might decide to use a divorce mediation firm that is going to provide you with a mediator. Instead of making decisions for you (like a judge would), or advocating for one spouse or the other (like lawyers do), the mediator is going to assist the two of you in coming up with resolutions to the matters that need to be settled in your divorce—resolutions both of you agree upon.

The complete cost of private divorce mediation is usually from $3,000 – $8,000, but it can increase in some situations. When you both divide the cost down the middle, as a lot of spouses do, that would translate to a general cost of $1,500 – $4,000 for the each of you.

How much you pay in the end is going to be subject to on two basic components in the cost: the rate of the mediator (typically hourly or by sessions) and how many hours of mediation is going to take to reach an agreement on the matters in your case. A lot of factors go into each of these basic components, explained below.

Attorney-Mediator Rates

Attorney divorce mediator costs range from $250 – $500 each hour.

General hourly rates billed by divorce mediators that are attorneys differ subject largely on the attorney’s experience, specialized training, and geographic location.

Non-Attorney Mediator Rates

Non-attorney-mediator costs range from $100 – $350 each hour.

Divorce mediators that aren’t attorneys typically bill less than attorneys, but credentials, training, experience, and location impact general hourly rates.

Divorce Mediation Bundles

Many private mediators or mediation firms are going to quote a flat-rate following an initial assessment of your case. There are also firms that provide flat-rate bundles for divorce mediation services in many states, without the need to assess your case. The cost for either kind of flat-rate bundle is usually from $4,000 – $5,500, though it can increase in complicated cases.

Mediation bundles could comprise of different degrees of service or features, so it’s important to examine the details when you’re doing cost comparisons. For example:

  • Many services provide a flat-rate for limitless mediation hours, whereas others set a limit on the number of hours (with an extra hourly bill when further sessions are required). Still others are going to quote a flat-rate that’s particular to your case, following a free initial consultation.
  • Many services use attorney mediators with knowledge of family law, whereas others use non-attorney-mediators, or a blend of them both.
  • The bundle might or might not include preparing a formal settlement agreement and/or the processing other divorce document.


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