How To Get Through Divorce
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How To Get Through Divorce

Experiencing a separation or a divorce can be very challenging, no matter the reasoning for it. It can flip your world inside out and make it difficult to get through your workday and stay useful. However, there are things you can do to make it through this complicated change.

Understand that it’s okay to have varying degrees feelings. It’s typical to feel sad, angry, broken, disappointed and confused—and those feelings can be fierce. You may also feel uneasy about your future. Acknowledge that reactions like those will decrease through time. Even if the marriage wasn’t healthy, embarking into the unknown is scary.

Allow yourself some time. Allow yourself to feel and to function at less than optimal degrees for a length of time. You may not be able to be completely as productive at your job or care for other individuals in the same way you’re used to for a bit. No one is batman or batgirl; take some time for healing, re-grouping, and re-energizing.

Don’t take this on by yourself. Share your feelings with friends and family, it can help you get through this. Think about joining a support group whereas you can talk with others in likewise situations. Being in isolation can heighten your stress levels, decrease your concentration, and stand in the way of your work, relationships and general health. Don’t be fearful to get outside help when you need it.

Take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Treat yourself and your body good. Take time to get exercise, eat well and take it easy. Keep up your normal schedule as much as you can. Try to stop from making significant decisions or altering of life plans. Don’t drink alcohol, use drugs or vape pens as a way to deal; they only cause more issues.

Try and stay away from infighting and arguments with your spouse or ex-spouse. When a discussion is starting to turn into a fight, calmly propose that you each try talking again at a later time and simply walk away or hang up your cell.

Take some time to explore your interests. Get reconnected with the things you like doing apart from your partner. Have you always wanted to learn to play guitar or play on an pick-up basketball team? Sign up for classes, spend some time doing your hobbies, do some volunteer work, and use your time to enjoy life and make some new friends.

Think positively. Things are going to different but discovering new activities and finding new friends, and moving forward with an acceptable expectation will make the transition more easy. Be flexible. If there are children involved, family traditions will still be critical but some might have to be adjusted. Try and create new family traditions and activities.

Life is going to get back to normal, even though “normal” is totally different from what you had anticipated.

Tips for talking to children

If there are children involved, here’s a small list of tips that can enable young children and teens to cope.

Reassure and listen. Make it clear to the children that the divorce isn’t their fault. Listen to and put their concerns at ease and have compassion or them but be direct in your replies.

Make sure to keep your children’s day in day out and weekly routines as familiar and stable as you can.

Provide continual discipline. Because your children might be sharing time with each parent separately, make sure you agree a head of time on bedtimes, curfews and any other day in day out decisions, in addition to any punishments.

Make sure your children know they can count on you. Make and keep realistic promises. And don’t share too much to them about how you feel concerning the divorce.

Try not to involve your children in the divorce. Stay away from arguing with or talking bad about the other parent in front of them. Don’t turn them into your spy or messenger   or make them choose one parent over the other.


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