How to Get Temporary Guardianship
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How to Get Temporary Guardianship

Temporary guardianship is in reference to formally handing over the care of your child(ren) to another adult for a specified amount of time. For instance, temporary guardianship is wise to establish if you are planning to be gone for a prolonged period of time or if you may be incapacitated while you rehabilitate from a serious accident.

Establishing temporary guardianship enables a child(ren) to live with another individual other than their parents and, in case of an emergency, that accountable individual can make vital medical decisions on the child(ren) behalf. Additionally, the guardian is also responsible for making decisions and dealing with situations with the child(ren)’s school.

Different guidelines, forms, and regulations vary from state to state. When you wish to establish temporary guardianship for your child(ren), you should find out your state’s particular regulations and verify if your local area government has a particular form you’re required to fill out.

Establishing the Necessity for Temporary Guardianship

The first step you’ll have to do is ascertain if whether or not it is needed to establish temporary guardianship. If you’re sharing custody with the child(ren)’s other parent, then establishing temporary guardianship with another adult individual may not be needed. Typically, the other parent is going to be the individual caring for your child(ren) while you’re gone.

When you’re a widow or sole custody of the child(ren) is yours, you might want to establish temporary guardianship in case you won’t be available to willingly handle, care for, or make decisions regarding your child(ren).

How to Choose a Temporary Guardian

Temporary guardians will become parent surrogates. You’ll want to choose an individual you completely trust and who your child(ren) are comfortable with. This will probably be an individual your children have previously spent significant amounts of time with. The individual could very well be another parent with children nearer to your children’s ages.

Asking After You’ve Chosen Someone

Following you going through all your options, create a list of the individuals you would consider for the position of a temporary guardian. It’s not easy to ask, so do not be caught off guard if your first-choice declines.

You will need to clarify to your possible temporary guardian to which temporary custody entails—including the decisions that individual needs be prepared to make in your absence and your desires.

Discuss the Temporary Guardianship Arrangement

You will need to ascertain the length of time this temporary arrangement is going to cover. If you are going to be gone on business and relatively reachable, you need to discuss to what degree you are withdrawing control over decision making.

You need have an understanding in regard to sleeping arrangements, travel arrangements, and other terms you may each have. You will need to notify the temporary guardian of any medical issues, including any type of allergy.

You should also agree on the management of OTC medications, and subject to the length of the temporary guardianship, you may have to inform your child’s school and medical physician about emergency contact details.

Finish the Temporary Guardianship Form

In a lot of states, you are going to need to fill out a temporary guardianship arrangement form and get it notarized. Depending where you live, you might or might not have to file it with your city, county, or state. It is subject to your state’s regulations. You might only have to complete it and retain a notarized copy available.

By getting it notarized, it confirms that it is in fact your signature on the form and guarantees that your child’s temporary guardian would be able to secure immediate medical treatment or make other vital decisions while you’re gone.

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