image of a little girl being sad while her mom and dad are arguing behind her during their divorce. this image is being used to illiustrate the factors that influence how kids experience divorce and how collaborative divorce is a better approach.
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How Divorce Affects Kids


A divorce with children involved can only add further strain to an already difficult situation. Divorce will create massive changes for children, no matter how old they may be. They see their parents’ love for each other dissolve, sometimes long before the divorce process begins.

Divorce is a stressful situation for all parties involved. Before deciding on divorce, consider and plan for how this could affect your kids. There are a few surprising ways this stress can show up in their behavior patterns. Changes can occur both physically and mentally.

Mental Effects

Take into account the feelings you are having as the process unfolds. Now, imagine a child or teenager going through this same thing. The mental and emotional ways a divorce affects children can sometimes be overlooked. Your kids will go through a grieving process, just like you and your spouse. The children may be nervous, sad, angry, and more.

Kids typically feel a sense of responsibility when they see their parents going through a divorce. Young children often place the blame on themselves, believing that if they demonstrate good behavior, then their parents will stay together. Older kids usually shift the blame to one of their parents.

Once children process their feelings related to the divorce, they could start to feel added responsibility to help out at home. They could worry more about taking care of the house, and helping their parents and siblings at the same time. Added pressure can undoubtedly add stress to their lives. Many kids may also want to protect their parents during this time.

Physical Effects

The emotional impact can sometimes show up as physical symptoms. Kids can become sick more often, with stress leading to fatigue, illness, and even asthma, in some cases. The struggle to cope with stress can make their bodies more susceptible to disease or infection.

Injuries could also increase for kids whose parents’ recently divorced. This can sometimes be the result of acting out. At other times, lack of attention or fatigue can play roles. Accidents are typically overlooked as a consequence of how divorce impacts children.

Physical symptoms can be easy for some parents to miss. Always consider the possibility that the divorce could be taking a physical toll on your children.

Educational Effects

This process can also affect kids at school, as expected. Grades may slip as the stress and distraction become overwhelming. Look for early signs that your children may not be putting in the same effort at school as they were prior to the divorce.

Anger at the situation can lead to bullying behavior. Experts have linked divorce to lashing out away from home. If children have some bullying tendencies, these could dramatically increase during a divorce. This behavior can begin suddenly and spiral out of control before parents even realize it.

Friendships could change at school following a divorce. Kids usually associate with people with whom they can relate, meaning they could pull away from other kids who have a healthier life at home. Navigating new friendships can only add more stress to a child’s life at this time.

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