How to Get the Courage to Divorce Your Spouse
Written by Michelle N. Ogborne

How to Get the Courage to Divorce Your Spouse

Although you’ve chosen to divorce your spouse, it still can be difficult to come up with the courage to tell them. As frightening as the concept of divorce may be, being courageous enough to make the first step may be a move to a healthier future for you.

What is “Courage to Divorce”?

Courage is defined as “the ability to do something that frightens one” and/or “having strength in the face of pain or grief

What if I Can’t Find the Courage to Divorce?

Some general reasons spouses fear divorce comprise of:

  • Worry about being alone
  • Worry about losing time with children
  • Fear of starting from scratch
  • Concern about financial problems
  • Anxiety about what the kids will think
  • Social and religious strain

Finding the Courage to Divorce

Seek Professional Advice

In the event you are the spouse wishing to begin the divorce or if you have been told by your spouse that they want to end the marriage, you could get confidence after speaking with a relevant professional. They could be a therapist, divorce coach, and/or a family law attorney. Occasionally you’re not aware of what you’re not aware of. By talking with someone that is experienced with guiding people in making these decisions, you might find the courage to move forward.

Take One Step at a Time

If you’re not happy with the situation you’re currently in, but the idea of divorce really frightens you, you may want to consider talking with your spouse about a trial separation. Living away from each other for a little bit might be a way of testing the waters without going in headfirst.

Create a List

Make the time to think about all the reasons you may want to end the marriage in addition to all the reasons you may want to stick it out. What is the reason you are in your current relationship? Is there something making you contemplate about leaving? Finding the answers to these types of questions may help you find the courage necessary for you to divorce.

Stop Worrying About What Others Think

Are you afraid of what your friends and family members will think about your choice to get divorced? Are you concerned about considerations from your religious community to remain married? It’s impossible for you to control how other people think or feel. Don’t forget, the choice is about you and your future.

Speak With Other Divorced People

Speak with other people who have already gone through what you’re going through. They might have experienced the exact same concerns you did prior to making their decision. Listening to their stories could provide the support and motivation you need for making your decision.

Maximize the Positives

Rather than concentrating on negative factors of a divorce, try concentrating on what the positive outcomes could be. What could it be like to live on your own terms? Will your children be happier their parents aren’t infuriated or argumentative? As hard as it may seem, you can decide to concentrate on the positives.


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