Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce
Written by Craig B

Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

One big recent news item in celebrity columns was the announced parting of the ways between Bill and Melinda Gates. They were married a long time before Bill made his fortune and they never had a pre-nuptial agreement. However, despite being wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice, they are taking a very civilized and sensible path forward as they prepare to start their lives apart from one another. Read on to learn more.

Divorce mediation works for many people because an agreement can be reached without the need for an attorney. In essence both parties work together to discover the best outcome for everyone impacted by the divorce. Usually this is done via a four-way meeting with each partner and their legal counsel. If needed other professional coaches can also be utilized. Let’s look at some of the benefits of collaborative divorce.

  • Collaborative divorce is usually the least stressful manner of divorce as parties agree to share information on a voluntary basis.
  • In court, every paper filing becomes public record. With a collaborative divorce it remains confidential.
  • Both parties have the backing of an expert team to assist with the process.
  • As the parties created the divorce agreement there is less need for post-divorce litigation down the road involving the court system. Everything that is foreseeable can be addressed and drafted into a final agreement.

This has been the choice of Bill and Melinda Gates – it will enable them to both move on with their lives while still contributing to their successful Bill and Melinda Gates foundation as well as working on ongoing projects. It may also be a smart choice for you!

Choose the Right Divorce Lawyer in Arizona

Regardless of the choice you make, it’s important you make the best choice for you when hiring a divorce attorney. Remember: The decisions you make now can affect your future. Ultimately, choosing the best lawyer will depend on which lawyer feels best for you and your situation.

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