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Engaging with an attorney to protect your family is never an easy step. Whether you need to protect your family from the unthinkable or restructure your family through collaborative divorce, we're here to help. When you're ready to schedule a consultation with Michelle Ogborne, please visit the scheduling page to get started.

last will and testament review for year end estate planning

Year-End Estate Planning

Can you believe that it’s December already? Seriously, where does the time go? As you’re getting ready for the holidays and closing out business needs for the end of the year, remember to take care of your est...
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Protect your family, have an estate plan

Why Estate Planning Matters

If you have not developed an estate plan, then you may have questions about what it really is and why it matters. After all, it’s only for the rich, right? Don’t you need pricey artwork and beachfront property o...
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considering collaborative divorce

Inside a Collaborative Divorce

30 Sep 2016
Considering Collaborative Divorce Divorce. Even the word itself brings up all kinds of emotions—although most of them are negative. But, as many families are recently learning, the process could be made better if...
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