Should I Get a Divorce
Written by Michelle N. Ogborne

Should I Get a Divorce? 6 Most Common Reasons

What are good causes to get a divorce? Do I get divorced or try to save my marriage? These can be difficult questions to answer from inside a marriage. Here are 6 good causes to divorce that are also telltale signs, particularly when a spouse decline to get treatment to change their conduct.

  1. Control: Does your spouse try to control how you act, who you hang out with, the way you spend, or activities? Do they use threats, anger, or undue disapproval to influence you? This is the first telltale sign in a lot of abusive relationships. When your spouse is controlling and bossy and displays no desire to change, get out of the marriage.
  2. Addiction: Addiction is a huge problem that can be fought and conquered. Having said that, constant gambling, drug and/or alcohol use, or other conduct that is harmful to you, your children, and/or your family relationships are excellent reasons to get divorced. If your spouse declines to get help and/or displays no desire of change, it’s a good idea to separate.
  3. Repeatedly Cheating: One unfaithfulness does not mean the marriage is over; with devotion you both can move on and strengthen your marriage. At the same time, repeatedly being unfaithful or a present affair are good reasoning to get divorced and can also be thought of as emotional abuse.
  4. Mistreating of Children: Violent or inappropriate sexual conduct towards children, biological or not, requires you to remove yourself and your children from being in contact with this individual immediately and find professional help.
  5. Undiagnosed Mental Disorder: Like addictions, mental illness can be effectively managed with the appropriate help. On the other hand, a spouse’s unrestrained mental health or personality disorder could be too much for a marriage. If this is a continuing problem that is harmful to your mental, emotional or physical health, it is a good idea for you to separate and allow your spouse to work on their issues on their own.
  6. Physical Violence: When your spouse is ever physically violent towards you or your children, remove yourself and your children from being in contact with this individual immediately and find professional help. Physical violence towards anyone, particularly to you or your children, without devotion to seek help, is a huge deal breaker. Physical abuse includes placing you in harmful situations, hindering your access to required medical care, and/or if you are male coercing decisions about your spouse’s fertility.

Equally sad and happy, the majority of divorces in the US today are not because of these 6 good causes to divorce. Instead, continuing unpleasant exchanges, disappointment, or emotional distancing are what make couples think their marriages are over. What most couples don’t know is that many of these issues can in fact be rectified. The remedy? Stepping up your marriage skills game.


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