How to Find A Divorce Mediator Near Me
Written by Michelle N. Ogborne

How To Find a Good Divorce Mediator Near Me

The best way to find a good divorce mediator is to get recommendations from people you trust. You can ask financial advisors, lawyers, spiritual advisors, therapists, or friends who have gone through a divorce.

Best Ways to Find a Divorce Mediator

The most common ways to find a good mediator include:

  1. Arizona State Bar Website

Searching the Arizona State Bar website, or a bar association in an Arizona city.

  1. Church or Place of Worship

Get suggestions from your local church or place of worship to find an appropriate mediator for your case.

  1. Local Mediation Centers

Reach out to your local community mediation center as they might offer low-cost community mediation programs.

  1. Legal Aid Office

Call your local legal aid office.

  1. Online

Check the Internet: There are plenty of divorce directories online, and mediator referrals abound on the internet. To start with, check out: and

  1. Family Law Organizations

Contact family law or national mediation organizations, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (, and the American Arbitration Association ( and the Association for Conflict Resolution. (

How to Choose Divorce Mediators Near Me

  1. Seek Experience. Only work with a divorce mediator whose experience matches your situation. Seek out a divorce mediator who has experience in family courts, whether as a lawyer or testifying expert. Those experts will know how a judge will view your situation, which gives you a foundation for decisions.

MediatorSelect says, “Find a mediator that has received extensive training in divorce mediation. Basic training for divorce mediation takes at least 40 hours, but some states require no training or certification at all, so it’s important to pay attention.”

  1. Read Reviews. Once you have a list of different mediators research their names on and read reviews about their service.

If you have kids, you should pay extra special attention to the type of mediator you hire. says, “Regarding parenting and custody issues, look for a divorce mediation service that uses a parenting mediator with a therapy background. This type of mediator, often times, is much better suited than an attorney to understand complex family dynamics and how they impact children.”

  1. Go with Your Gut. If the chemistry isn’t right between you and the mediator or you feel they do not have you or your family’s best interest in mind, find a different one.

HuffPost says, “A genuine caring and concern for both you and your family’s longer-term financial and emotional wellness should be obvious on a first impression.”

  1. Make Contact. Once you have assembled a list of names with good reviews, contact the mediators. Learn their fees, procedures and avoid discussing specific details with them. This way, the other side can’t claim that your choice is biased!

Nolo says, “You should only work with a mediator who has experience in divorce cases and ideally one who is an experienced family law attorney.”

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Regardless of the choice you make, it’s important you make the best choice for you when hiring a divorce mediator or divorce attorney. Remember: The decisions you make now can affect your future. Ultimately, choosing the best lawyer will depend on which lawyer feels best for you and your situation. Let us show you how to end your marriage today without ending your family.

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