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Cost Of Legal Separation (2024)

The cost of legal separation is about $50,000 with average prices ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 in the US for 2024. Uncontested legal separation cases can settle for as low as $1,000, while highly contested separations involving matters like legal decision making and alimony can get up into the $100,000 range. Typically charged by the hour an average of $450.

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Average Cost to File for Legal Separation

It doesn’t cost all that much to file for legal separation. According to one source, the actual filing cost for legal separation is about $349. Canterbury Law Group says, “The actual filing cost for a petition for legal separation is $349 according to Arizona Judicial Branch under Supreme Court Filing Fees. Response to petition or initial appearance in legal separation costs $279”.

Legal Separation Cost Factors

The complete cost of your legal separation will depend on several conditions:

The Location Where You Live

In larger cities such as Nashville, TN, the costs of legal separation will be higher. Location is nearly as essential in establishing the cost of a legal separation like it is in the real estate industry. Divorce attorneys and third-party specialists like accountants, psychologists, and P.I.’s face higher operational costs in larger cities than in suburban areas, and these costs are passed on to their clients. Additionally, urban areas are inclined to have larger concentrations of higher-income clients with complicated legal issues, which puts increases the legal fees.

Legal Separation Lawyer Fees

Lawyer fees are what end up costing you the most in a divorce or legal separation. Attorneys normally charge by the hour. Hourly rates differ based on geographical location, the level of experience of the legal separation lawyer, and their degree of expertise. On average, legal separation lawyers charge about $200 to $500 per hour. However, some legal separation attorneys can charge as much as $300 to $700 an hour depending on where you live.

Third-Party Involvement Fees

Cases involving third-party professionals, such as property appraisers or financial experts, may increase the cost. Cases involving other professionals such as child psychologists, real estate appraisers, accountants, and other expert witnesses could easily end up costing thousands more than a case with simple divorce issues. Additional costs may include paying for recording of deposition testimony, paying the court reporter, and buying copies of deposition transcripts. Also, attorneys will charge for interviewing experts, and creating, preparing, and managing depositions.

Contested vs Uncontested

Uncontested divorces that remain amicable might cost less. The conduct and goals of each spouse impact the cost of the legal separation. Simply stated, fighting increases the cost of a legal separation. Parties willing to negotiate on important divorce issues usually end up paying the lowest. Parties that are not willing to compromise usually end up paying more. Fighting will only lead to longer and more expensive court hearings.

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