Avoiding Marriage Money Problems
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11 Common Causes Of Marital Problems

Marital problems are very common, and they can occur for a variety of reasons. In some marriages, the issue might end up causing a divorce. In other marriages, the issues can be resolved when both spouses are willing to make an effort to address them. Here are some of the most common marital issues that spouses encounter.

1. Lack Of Intimacy

Intimacy is a crucial aspect of marriage and also one of the most common reasons a marriage may hit a snag. Of course, a lack of intimacy does not equal a reason to cheat. However, a lack of sex can result in a loss of connection. It can make spouses feel unwanted or unloved. Consider talking to a therapist if you feel yourself becoming disinterested in intimacy.

2. Financial Issues

Financial issues are without a doubt one of the biggest reasons couples fight. Differences in opinion about saving and spending money can create tension at home. Problems can also arise due to a drastic difference in income between the two spouses. When one spouse makes a lot more money than the other, they could start to feel resentful about all the hours they put in at work. They may also believe they have more of a right to spend that money. Consulting with a financial advisor can help both parties come up with a plan moving forward.

3. Appearance Changes

We all change as we grow older, both physically and mentally. Things like weight, genetics, age, and stress will all impact our appearance. You may want your spouse to always look and act young, but this is simply unreasonable. Holding your partner to unrealistic expectations will set a marriage up for failure.

4. Fertility Struggles

Many couples may assume having children will be an easy process once they are ready. That is simply untrue, unfortunately. Some couples face many issues at this time, including health problems, genetics, and more. Sometimes a baby doesn’t come when or how you’d like. There are alternatives you can discuss with your spouse. In vitro fertilization and adoption are popular choices. And in some unfortunate situations, children simply aren’t an option for couples.

5. Dividing Chores

Distributing household chores deserves careful consideration. If either spouse feels that the work load may be imbalanced, fights can ensue. Sometimes, one spouse doesn’t think they need to help at home since they take on more hours at work. Others may believe a stay-at-home parent should take care of everything at home. No matter the situation, a shared distribution tends to work best. It’s important to remember that taking care of the kids and working at the office are both considered jobs.

6. Infidelity

It is common for a marriage to be really be tested when one spouse has been unfaithful. Even internet relationships, which can be considered emotional affairs, have been proven to cause issues within a marriage.

7. Poor Communication

Poor communication can be one of the most difficult marital issues to navigate through. Effectively communicating with each other takes a lot of time and understanding. If communication is frequently an issue within your marriage, you could consider the idea of using a therapist to help you break through to each other. They can provide you with exercises to make the communication process easier for both parties. Taking the necessary time to address this issue, which can ultimately improve all aspects of your marriage.

8. Trauma

Not everyone will experience trauma the same way. One spouse could turn away, while the other may turn to their partner for comfort. If one of you does not understand the other’s needs, a rift could develop over time.

9. Religious Differences

There will always be differences in perspectives within a marriage, but variations in core values can eventually become too big to ignore. One spouse could get frustrated by constantly doing religious activities separately, especially if both parties attend different places of worship.

10. Boredom

While some people crave comfort in their daily routine, others may get bored when their marriage becomes too predictable in their opinion. Some couples may repeat behaviors and activities without ever doing anything spontaneous. Boredom can become a real issue for couples who desire some spice in their relationships.

11. Trust

Most spouses will trust each other until they are given reason to believe otherwise. In some couples, trust must be earned over time. No matter which couple the examples apply to, a lack of trust can present a real issue within the marriage.

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