What To Wear To Divorce Mediation
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What To Wear To Divorce Mediation

Only three individuals will be present during divorce mediation: You, your soon-to-be-ex spouse, and the mediating attorney. These meetings will call for a more informal dress style as they are created to encourage a functional relationship between the spouses. Of course, it is important to be mindful of your wardrobe selection, though. You’ll want to send an appropriate message to the other two individuals in the room.

How To Pick An Appropriate Outfit

It’s important to refrain from entering the meeting while wearing something provocative. The same can be said for flaunting a new engagement ring or any high-priced clothing items, for examples.

This may only provoke your ex or lead to aggression during the session. Be courteous of the serious situation and come dressed appropriately, ready to communicate and cooperate.

Your outfit should be neat as you arrive early to mediation. Comfortable clothing is acceptable, but if your outfit upsets your ex, it could be brought up during the talks. Mediation is specifically designed to offer a calmness that court proceedings cannot provide.

What To Wear During Divorce Mediation

If both individuals have chosen to participate in a collaborative divorce, a business casual look will do. Business casual makes sense since you will be meeting with a lawyer in a professional setting.

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