What is a Trust Attorney?
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What is a Trust Attorney?

Trust attorneys will create a trust for you. A trust attorney can give you relevant legal help to the individual you designate as your trustee, the individual that oversees managing the trust. It’s possible to even designate a lawyer as your trustee. This can be helpful if you have a large estate and complicated, or if you want to guarantee that the trustee you designate is an unbiased 3rd party.

How Will I Know If I Need a Trust Attorney?

When you are devising a trust, it’s wise to either have it created and/or looked over by a trust attorney. Here is the reasoning you might want to create a trust:

  • You do not want your family members to go through probate
  • You are trying to keep your estate taxes lower
  • You aren’t required to designate the guardian of a minor or define your last wishes (these will require you to create a will)
  • You want to declare when your beneficiaries get their inheritances

How Much Will a Trust Attorney Cost?

Trust attorneys charge based on the service that they are providing. To just create or look over a trust, an attorney may charge by an hourly rate or a flat fee. To take the role as the trustee, a trust attorney usually bills by the hour. Rates will be varying subject to where you live, so make sure to set a rate up front with your attorney.

What Is Expected from Working Alongside a Trust Attorney?

By creating a trust, it will guarantee that your assets go to the correct place, if you are still alive or following your passing. When utilizing a trust lawyer, you can have confidence that what you choose is going to be put into place since even if there is a challenge, your trust should hold up in court.

Your trust cannot include your last wishes or details on the guardian of your child if anything should happen to you, so you might still be required to create a will to anticipate all possibilities.

How Do I Locate a Trust Attorney Near Me

The easiest ways to locate an experienced trust attorney comprise of:

Arizona State Bar Website

Going through the Arizona State Bar’s website, or a bar association in Arizona cities.

Churches or Places of Worship

Get recommendations from your local church or place of worship to locate a suitable trust attorney for your will.

Localized Mediation Centers

Contact your local community mediation center because they may offer inexpensive community law courses.

Legal Aid Offices

Get in contact with your local legal aid office.


Search the Internet: There are a lot of directories online, and referrals flourish on the internet.


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