communication conquers all
Written by Michelle N. Ogborne

Love Doesn’t Conquer All; Communication Does

Romantics around the world would say “love conquers all,” that love is all you need for a successful and healthy marriage. However, that’s not always the case. Even the most “in love” couples often find themselves in marriages where they feel lost, unloved, and tired. While attraction, chemistry, excitement, and love are the most important factors that lead to a relationship; communication conquers all and actually sustains a union. Most marriage counselors argue that communication is the key to a successful and healthy marriage.

Communication Is the Core of a Good Marriage

A good marriage thrives on communication of emotions, desires, and beliefs. A marriage where both partners communicate effectively can make it through the rough times that invariably surface over a lifetime together.

Couples are bound to fight. It’s practically a given when two people share living space and spend most of their time together. You can fight well, or you can fight poorly. When you don’t fight well, you can change the way you communicate, causing destructive patterns that build upon themselves.

What is good communication? It’s the ability for each of you to verbalize your needs and listen carefully to each other. Your partnership grows based on your ability to share your deepest thoughts and feelings. Knowing that you’ll be heard when you do.

Naturally, your partner deserves the same on their end.

When Good Marriages Go Bad

A common complaint of couples in troubled marriages is that they “don’t communicate anymore.” What they’re trying to say is that they are no longer communicating effectively.

They may still be going through the motions, but the words aren’t landing in the way they used to. In fact, the words may not even be understood the way they were intended.

Have you felt like there is a lot of distance between you and your spouse? It’s usually pretty obvious because you can remember how you were once madly in love, yet now that connection is weak.

When you were married, you probably had every intention of making your union last. Without good, strong communication it feels like your trust, honesty, and mutual respect have all faded.

Marriage counselors agree that effective communication can sustain a marriage for life. With good communication, your partnership will be emotionally fulfilling and full of intimacy.

However, if your marriage has gotten to the point where your communication style has reverted to yelling, misunderstanding each other, and fighting, then you’re on a downward slope.

Benefits of Great Communication

Strong communication allows you and your spouse to feel close to one another. When you share your stories, how your day went, and what you’re really feeling, it brings you closer and leads to increased intimacy.

When you communicate well, you are less likely to have misunderstandings. Everyone has a misstep from time to time, but when you do not understand each other,and start to assume the worst about the other person.

Communication eliminates that fear by keeping you united and informed.

Since communication is the basis of a strong relationship, you’ll enjoy a more honest union.

You’ll feel emotionally safe knowing that your partner is the one person with whom you want to share everything.

Communication is simply about knowing and understanding each other. It’s about having an intimate relationship where both of you are comfortable and satisfied in each other’s presence.

When you communicate effectively, you’re more likely to feel satisfied and experience more love, passion, and trust. Communication makes your marriage stronger and last longer.