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How to File for Legal Separation in AZ

You can file for legal separation yourself as the forms are available on AZCourts.Gov. Filing for a legal separation without children is a different process than filing for legal separation with children.

  1. Meet residency requirements in Arizona
  2. File a legal separation petition
  3. File a legal separation agreement
  4. Serve your spouse and wait for a response
  5. Spouse has a chance to file counter-petition
  6. Sign and notarize the agreement
  7. Wait for a judge to review the petition
  8. Judge signs petition and puts it on record with a court

These steps provide a general outline to file for a legal separation, but you should hire a legal separation attorney to ensure you’re protecting yourself legally according to Arizona law.

How to File for Legal Separation with Children in Arizona

In order to file for legal separation with children in Arizona you must:

Step 1. Complete DRSDS10F-C

Step 2. Complete Worksheet for child support

  • Print 1 copy

Step 3. Make 2 Photocopies of documents

  • DR11F – Summons
  • DR14F – Preliminary Injunction
  • DRLSC10F – Petition for Legal Separation w/ Minor Children
  • DRCVG13F – Affidavit of Minor Children
  • DR12F – Notice and Order for the Parent Education/Information Program
  • DR16F – Notice Regarding Creditors
  • DRCVG11F – Parenting Plan
  • DRS12F – Parent’s Worksheet for Child Support Amount

Step 4. Group Documents Into Sets

Keep the original set of documents to give to the Clerk of Court and make 1 copy for you and 1 copy for your spouse.

Step 5. File Legal Separation Papers With Clerk of the Court

Court hours are from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. Give all 3 sets of legal separation documents to the court and pay your filing fee. The Clerk will return you and your spouse’s copies of the documents.

Step 6. Serve 2nd Set of Copies to Your Spouse

After serving with your spouse make sure you file (DR22F) Acceptance of Service or (DR24F) Affidavit of Service with Signature Confirmation.

Learn how to File for legal separation in AZ with children

How to File for Legal Separation Without Children in Arizona

The process for filing for legal separation without Children in Arizona is different than filing with children. Visit the link below to learn how to file for legal separation without children in Arizona.

Learn how to File for legal separation in AZ without children

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