Getting Married Checklist
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Getting Married: Checklist

If you’re thinking about getting married, or when you have set a date already, the below list of steps to take before getting married and things to bear in mind. It’s also vital to check the marriage provisions in your state and/or talk with a family law attorney since each state varies when it comes to marriage-associated matters like the legal provisions for marriage and the particulars of pre-marital agreements.

Are You Ready for Marriage?

The successes or failures of marriages may depend on how well the couple handles issues like financial assets, communication, disputes, parenting, goals, spirituality, and so on. It’s vital that future spouses fully address these concerns prior to getting married. Take a “Are You Ready for Marriage” test with your soon-to-be spouse for a better picture.

Requirements of a Legal Marriage

Every state has their own requirements for those wishing to get married, comprising of marriage licenses, residency requirements, blood tests, and so on. Be sure you both have satisfied all marriage requirements in your state ahead of the big day.

Marriage Ceremonies

A lot of states come with legal stipulations related to the marriage ceremony itself, including those that can carry out it out (such as a pastor or a justice of the peace) and if witnesses to the marriage are necessary.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenups (or “pre-marital agreements”) can aid in determining the property and financial rights and responsibilities of marrying spouses, including what is going to happen should the marriage end in divorce. If you’re contemplating signing a prenup, you should be wary of the legal requirements that are necessary to be met for the prenup to be deemed official and enforceable.

Changing Your Name After Marriage

Even though the spouses are not legally required to take their spouse’s last name after getting married, a lot of new spouses choose to change their name for symbolic and traditional reasons. There are a number of steps you can take for making a name change quickly and effective.

Marriage, Money, and Property

When you’re getting married, your finances and property are going to (to some degree) combine with your spouses. You should be familiar with what is and what is not determined to be marital or “community” property and comprehend how to retain specific assets as separate property, should you want to do so. Other financial affairs to not forget about prior to getting married include already existing debts and tax matters.

Needing Additional Assistance with Your Getting Married Checklist? Get Help From a Knowledgeable Attorney

You’re ready to jump in with both feet and marry the love of your life. Whereas marriage is a time of happiness and joy, don’t forget it’s also a legal agreement among two people. If you’ve gone through the “getting married checklist” and need assistance comprehending the laws in your state, let a family law attorney guide you through the steps you need to take. Find a family law attorney near you for some contentment prior to getting married


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