Written by Michelle N. Ogborne

How do you bring up a prenuptial agreement?

Planning to bring up a prenuptial agreement is no easy task. After all, no one really wants to think about the possibility that their marriage may someday fall apart. Just the idea of the legal process surrounding a prenup can make marriage seem more like a business arrangement. When in fact, marriage is about the commitment of love. If you don’t know how to bring up a prenuptial agreement in a tactful, compassionate way, it can cause problems.

However, having a prenup is beneficial to both parties.

Gone are the days when a prenup was solely an instrument of the super wealthy. These days, just about anyone can benefit from having a prenup.

Not only does a prenup protect both parties’ assets, but it can also smooth the divorce process – should it happen. Even the act of discussing the terms of the agreement can bring you and your future spouse closer together. Ultimately making your relationship even stronger.

Do not to stress too much over how to bring up a prenuptial agreement. By following the tips outlined here, you can make the process go smoothly.

How to Bring Up a Prenuptial Agreement

To bring up a prenuptial agreement, it is best to wait until you both are relaxing and in a good mood. You and your future spouse should be in a positive frame of mind about your future together. This way, you can keep the focus on protecting both of your financial situations. It’s easier than discussing the possibility or likelihood of splitting up.

An easy method to bring up a prenuptial agreement is to approach it in conjunction with another financial topic. Talk about each other’s current debts or what blending your finances looks like. Because you are already on the topic of money, the transition into discussing a prenup will feel easier. The last thing you want is for it to feel like it is coming out of nowhere.

If one or both of you have children from previous relationships, how you bring up a prenuptial agreement will be even more important. You want to ensure your children will be able to take full advantage of the assets you have built up for them over the years. As much as you may love your spouse’s children, your own will always take priority in your mind.

Ask an Attorney How to Bring Up a Prenuptial Agreement

If you are still unsure how to bring up a prenuptial agreement, the attorneys at Ogborne Law can be of great assistance.

Starting this conversation early can help to ensure both you and your future spouse achieve the most favorable possible result.

The goal of a prenup is to ensure both sides are taken care of equally, not just the spouse with greater assets. Of course, you hope you will never actually need your prenuptial agreement, but it is best to be prepared.

Our associates will be happy to assist you in figuring out how to bring up a prenuptial agreement. We will gladly answer any questions you may have to get you started towards having a meaningful discussion with your future spouse. Get in touch with Ogborne Law today to talk to one of our attorneys and schedule an appointment for a free consultation at a time that works best for you.