Finding A Divorce Attorney For Men
Written by Michelle N. Ogborne

Finding A Divorce Attorney For Men

When you have children, divorce is harder on everyone. You want to reach a fair resolution but not in a way that pulls everyone apart. It should never be about looking for a fight. As a father, it’s important to find a divorce attorney for men who understands that family comes first.

It isn’t easy. If you and your spouse were on the same page all the time, you would not be seeking a divorce. Still, a focus on the kids can help keep the process from turning ugly. Collaborative divorce provides a path to maintaining good relationships with children afterward.

Your Rights as the Father

Courts are doing more to avoid automatically siding with mothers in divorce. Still, stereotypes remain that the mom should keep the kids. A divorce attorney for men can help you overcome that obstacle. You need someone not only willing to protect your rights but also to help you protect the family.

Some people assume that divorce splits families into predictable roles. The mother provides care, and the dad provides financial security. This doesn’t have to be the case today. As a man, you have the right to time with the kids and the best settlement for all of you. The right attorney for you can make sure this includes parenting time as well as financial considerations.

A Divorce Attorney for Men Will Watch Out for You and the Kids

Your divorce does not affect just you and your spouse. The kids are used to having both of you in their lives. That does not have to change just because you no longer live together. You have to take into account what they need for their physical and emotional wellbeing. They need two parents.

Part of this includes where the kids live. If the best environment for them is with their mother, they should live there. If they would be better off living with you, they should. A good divorce attorney will help you examine what is best for all and help you work it into the settlement.

In addition, you need to look at how co-parenting will work and how you can make decisions on the kids’ behalf. You have a right to be part of the process. At the same time, you want to make sure that your children’s needs are met no matter where they live. Your divorce attorney will help you defend your rights and protect your kids.

How Collaborative Divorce Can Help

One way to help you focus on the kids is to engage in collaborative divorce. A traditional divorce attorney for men might offer one of many approaches, all aimed at “winning,” as if you’re preparing for battle. In collaborative divorce, your attorney works to represent your interests. However, this approach looks at what’s best for everyone involved.

When you have children, the collaborative process helps you with the big picture. Collaborative divorce directs you away from getting as much as you can and toward the right agreement. This means you, your spouse, and your kids all play a part. It is a view of divorce that looks to avoid acrimony and get all of you ready to move forward.

In collaborative divorce, you need to work together and seek a common goal. Still, if you want to do the best you can to maintain a relationship with your children, it creates the path. If you are looking for a collaborative divorce attorney for men, contact Ogborne Law today.