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Written by Michelle N. Ogborne

3 Questions Regarding Divorce for a Family Law Attorney

Any Phoenix-area family law attorney may have a good reputation; and “everyone says” they are honest and affordable. Still, it’s important to ask questions. Assumptions almost always lead to problems. You should ask several questions of every attorney before you engage her or him.

Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers. -Robert Half

What You Need to Know

Just as your life itself is yours alone, your divorce is one-of-a-kind. It’s an important, life-changing decision that leads to an ending – and a better beginning. Your first need-to-know question should be, “What kind of divorce attorney should I seek?” A family law legal professional can help with your divorce. A collaborative divorce attorney has other professional resources: financial and communication professionals who can help with the process. Here are three crucial questions to ask:

1. Should I Get a Collaborative Divorce?

Yes, if you and your partner are conscientious, caring people, a collaborative divorce may work best for you both. If you have children, you want this lifestyle change to be as easy as possible for them. A family law collaborative divorce is usually better for them. If you do not want a litigious, public display of your differences in a courtroom, collaborative divorce discourages the drama.

If a one-size-fits-all divorce package doesn’t meet your needs, you should consider collaborative divorce. You can creatively structure the terms of your divorce agreement to suit your family dynamics.

2. How Much Will This Cost?

If an attorney has a flat rate price sheet for all divorces and promises you it will not deviate, run, don’t walk to another attorney. Every divorce is different.

Most family law attornies will be able to give you a basic fee schedule or hourly rate. Your divorce costs depend on the number of properties you share, assets, debts, and areas of disagreements. For example, you feel strongly about keeping your summer home in the family. Your partner disagrees, so reaching an acceptable solution for everyone may take more time.

At Ogborne Law, we support a flat-fee schedule for most divorces, however, there is no published rate sheet as every situation is unique. After our initial consultation, you will know the cost to complete your divorce.

3. What Does This Do to Our Estate Plan?

Your attorney will concentrate on you and your family’s divorce. Afterward, it’s important to realign your estate plans with your new lifestyle. There will be changes in property, and those changes can make significant differences in your property and children’s care. This a significant benefit having a family law attorney for your family. Following your collaborative divorce, your family law attorney can protect those you love with an up-to-date estate plan.

Divorce Done with Dignity

The divorce process doesn’t have to be a traumatic, painful transition for your family. Ogborne Law, PLC wants both of you to feel as comfortable as possible when you take different lifestyle directions. Remember: Your family doesn’t end; it merely changes.

Our family law attorneys can help with your collaborative divorce. We also offer:

Another critical question to ask your divorce attorney, says Professor Randall Kessler, is if he or she knows your spouse’s attorney. That’s a legitimate question for a traditional divorce attorney. In a collaborative divorce, you have one family law attorney for you both. And your family law attorney will work for the best interests of you and your family.

There will be challenges, but you can have a divorce with dignity with a collaborative divorce. Learn more. Contact Ogborne Law, PLC to schedule a consultation.